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So, you want to connect with other consultants? 

Are you still reflecting on whether to jump into social impact consulting and want to see how others did it? 

Are you new to consulting and want to join a community of support? 

Are you a social impact organisation looking for consultants to partner with? 

Do you want to connect with like-minded consultants from whom you can learn? 

Are you an experienced professional looking to mentor younger consultants as a way to "give back"? 

If any of those questions resonate, then we'd love to have you with us at the IC-Hub. 

We're an online global community of independent international development and social impact professionals. We have regular meetups and discussion forums. 

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Overview of actvities (1).png
Overview of actvities (2).png

You can also check out our specialised networks to connect with independent professionals who work in your specific area. 

And if you join the IC-Hub via the form below, you'll get access to all our member benefits, including access to:

  1. Our IC-Hub Members Directory.

  2. Regular IC-Hub meet-ups and live events with other IC-Hubbers. 

  3. Our IC-Hub Google Group - another forum in which to connect with other consultants and have your questions answered. 


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