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IC-Hub Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Network

The IC-Hub Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Network was founded in 2022 as a space for independent professionals working on monitoring and evaluation in the international development, humanitarian, and social impact spaces.

The new network encourages exchange and mutual support among independent social impact professionals in the MEL space. This involves sharing consultancy experiences and opportunities and answering consulting-related questions.


By joining, you agree to the Community Guidelines.

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Meet the IC-Hub MEL Network Coordinators


Siobhán Talty

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Siobhán is a freelance humanitarian ME(AL) technical advisor.


Corall Azouri

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Corall is an Impact Strategy and Evaluation consultant working with the private, public and third sector.

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Beth Head

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Beth is a measurement consultant, as well as a sociology doctoral candidate using NLP / ML to explore measurement as a form of social / epistemic power.


Denise Ferris

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Denise is an expert experienced in impact evaluation, data analysis and participatory action research.


Sarah Moharram

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Sarah is a community engagement and M&E consultant.

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