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Client and project management masterclass for consultants


We talk a lot about how to get clients, but what do we do once they decide they want to work with us? 


Smooth onboarding and management of clients and projects is key to ensuring you deliver impact, and for generating further business. 


Loksan and Molly will:

  • Talk through what a good terms of reference or scope of work should look like to ensure you’re taking on the right kinds of projects. 

  • Explain what to look out for in contract negotiations and what standards you and clients should adhere to. 

  • Provide detailed guidance on how to develop a project plan and how to manage a project and client on a day-to-day basis. 

  • Share the tools, standards and processes that they use in their consulting projects. 


Click here to sign up for the waiting list. We’ll notify you when the workshop is available and you’ll receive 50% off.

We plan to pair the course with an optional subscription to an IC-Hub certification programme that will match certified consultants to consulting opportunities.

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