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Email marketing for social impact consultants

Email marketing - or cultivating an audience of stakeholders (in particular clients and potential clients) is the SINGLE ONE THING that has helped Loksan and Molly achieve their independent consulting success. 


Creating and growing a mailing list is THE WAY to scale up the “keeping in contact” and “staying in clients’ minds” that we all know generates consulting business. And it’s also very easy, free, and time-efficient when you know how to do it.


Loksan and Molly will:

  • Explain what email marketing is and why independent social impact professionals need to do it. 

  • Provide step-by-step guidance for how you can start email marketing from scratch and grow your mailing list to 100 stakeholders within a week, as well as the platforms and resources that they use for their businesses. 

  • Introduce advanced email marketing strategies, like “automation” and “nurture sequences” to give you an idea of the potential. 


Click here to sign up for the waiting list. We’ll notify you when the workshop is available and you’ll receive 50% off.

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