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#11: What the heck is a social impact consultant??

Hello and welcome to the Impact Consulting Podcast!

Today, we're talking all about what we and other IC-Hubbers mean when we say we're "consultants".

The dictionary defines "consultant" as, "A person who provides expert advice professionally."

... Which is not terribly different from the way we define ourselves.

But we also know that the definition has been stretched and expanded in the international development and social impact spaces. It can now refer to anyone who is contracted as a self-employed worker by an organisation. It can also refer to "contractors" and workers who are nominally freelancing but in reality work for one client, nine-to-five, with a fixed place of work (we're looking at you, UN agencies!).

We talk through these different meanings and what we mean by the term.

We're also delighted to share with you what some of our IC-Hubbers think and what they call themselves.

Thank you for tuning in and look out for the next episode about how you should describe your position and services as an independent social impact professional!

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