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#21: Hattie's journey - MEL consulting in Lisbon

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Impact Consulting Podcast, a show all about how to become and improve as an independent consultant in the international development and social impact spaces.

Today, I'm delighted to be joined by an absolute IC-Hub superstar, Hattie Gibson, an independent researcher and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) consultant.

About Hattie

One of the first participants of our inaugural premium Levelling Up Workshop, Hattie has been an independent consultant for the past three years, after implementing and managing projects in the international development and humanitarian fields for 11 years.

Harriet now provides specialised research or MEL services from her Lisbon base. She has a background in human rights and fragile and conflict-affected states, focussing on the Middle East and North Africa region where she previously worked and lived.

Hattie has worked for a variety of organisations from grassroots NGOs in Palestine, to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Lebanon to global private sector consultancies, to various INGOs and Foundations. She recently switched gears and began to devote half her time to programmes related to climate change and environmental impact.

What we talk about

Hattie shares the wonderful story about how she became an independent social impact professional, including:

  • The first steps she took to transition from employment to self-employment (especially as a relatively young consultant at the time).

  • What a typical consulting project looks like.

  • How she gets her consulting clients.

  • What it's like to work from Portugal.

  • What she wishes she'd known at the beginning of her consulting journey.

  • How she sees her consulting practice developing in the future.

Useful links

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