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#30: International development consulting opportunities in the US, with Roland from Palladium

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Today, we've got quite a unique but highly useful episode for you. Roland Pearson, a director at one of the world's top international development consulting firms, Palladium, is on the show to talk us through how you can access consulting opportunities working with Palladium and firms like Palladium on large projects funded by the US, UK, Australian aid systems, as well as the other clients that Palladium works with worldwide.

Introducing Roland

Roland is an internationally recognised senior executive, who over 30 years has built national and international, private and public institutions that deliver sustained social and economic impact and commercial value. He is the Director leading strategy, business development and business execution of the Finance and Investment portfolio at Palladium, which he joined in November 2018 with the merger of Palladium and Enclude.

Roland has raised, structured, or managed over $1 billion in debt and equity for small business, microfinance, affordable housing, infrastructure, and rural development initiatives. Integrated disciplines of expertise include clean and renewable energy, information technology and data analytics and applications, access to services for women, and business model innovation. Over a nearly two-decade period living and working in Africa, Roland started, grew, and successfully divested from two companies. He completed his bachelor's and master's degrees at Brown University and the Fletcher School, respectively.

What we talk about Today's conversation is a little longer than the usual impact consulting journeys that we profile, but I highly recommend sticking with it because we cover so much ground.

We start with a bit of an overview of Roland and Palladium's work and the types of donors and projects that they work with. We then move onto share Roland's insights into how Palladium works with consultants, including what types of skills they look for, how to apply, what kinds of fees they can expect working on USAID-funded projects, and what the whole process looks like.

We'd like to thank Roland for sharing his wisdom and our main call to action to you is to head on over to Palladium's website and submit your CV. And Roland even explains the type of CV that you should be submitting.

Thank you so much for listening and if you're not an IC-Hubber already, head on over to to sign up for free. Without further ado, enjoy the show!




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