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EVENT (10 Feb '21): How to get EU and UK-funded development consulting work, with VJW International

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

We’re delighted to invite you to a live meet-up (IC-Hubbers only) with Daniel Hartwell, Business Development Officer at VJW International (click here to join their database) to learn about the opportunities for independent consultants working on EU and UK-funded development projects.

It will take place on Wednesday, 10 February at 5pm UK time. You can join the IC-Hub to access the link to register on the welcome message.

What we'll be discussing

  • How the EU and UK funding systems work with respect to large tenders.

  • What independent consulting opportunities exist for working on EU and UK-funded development projects.

  • What independent consultants need to do to access these opportunities, including opportunities there are with VJW International.

Introducing the speaker

Daniel Hartwell is Business Development Officer at VJW International, whose responsibility is to identify new business opportunities for VJW and to bid for them. He is also responsible for VJW's relationships with consultants and the management of their expert database, including maintaining regular contact with clients and updating them about new opportunities.

VJW International is a boutique consultancy providing high-quality expertise in foreign policy and development cooperation to private and public clients, including governments, European institutions, international organisations and development agencies. VJW is an official supplier to the EU (FWCs Lots 3, Lot 5 and Lot 6), DFID (EACDS FWC), The EU’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments: FSP 2019 Lot 2 and the European Parliament (Foreign Policy FWC).

Why this event?

Hopefully, after this event, we'll understand what that last sentence means by meeting Daniel. We're organising this event because we know that there's a lot of mysticism surrounding how big-donor development work is handed out to consultants.

Many IC-Hubbers (including myself) get contacted on LinkedIn or emailed by a number of consulting firms who collect consultant CVs and put together teams of consultants. But we don't know how to write our CVs to maximise our chances of being selected for a bid, and if we're lucky enough to be contacted by several firms for the same bid, how to choose which firm to go with.

This is our chance to ask all these questions and learn how to access these opportunities.

We hope it's useful and we look forward to seeing you there on 10 February at 5pm UK time!



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