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EVENT: How development consultants can use networking to build their freelance practice (16/01/21)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We’re delighted to invite you to a live meet-up (IC-Hubbers only) with Dr Martin Russell, Adviser to the Networking Institute and an expert in philanthropy, networking and diaspora engagement. Martin will share his strategies for networking for freelancers like us. It will take place on Saturday, 16 January at 10am UK time. You can join the IC-Hub to access the link to register on the welcome page.

Martin is a great friend and collaborator of ours. He has his own freelance journey to share and he really is the best networker I know.

And when we say “the best networker”, that doesn’t mean he’s meeting the most people, handing out the most business cards, or adding the most potential clients on LinkedIn.

We mean he uses his sincerity, authenticity and personal brand in conjunction with a genuine willingness to help and support others to establish real relationships with a range of stakeholders (the “enablers”, “connectors”, facilitators”, in addition to potential clients), which in turn makes him a more valuable consultant.

Martin has his own unique freelancing journey to share as well, having come from the academic world and both freelanced under his own name and carved out his own long-term flexible advisory role at the Dublin-based Networking Institute, in addition to serving on various advisory boards (not sure how he finds the time!). And to top it off, he has the great sense to support Tottenham Hotspur FC (like us (well, Loksan at least))!).

We can all learn a lot from Martin, so we hope you'll join us at the meetup. Martin and we will first discuss his top networking tips and then you’ll have the chance to unmute and ask questions live.

We may even share some photos of us meeting up with Martin at his local pub in his native habitat of Cork.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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