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IC-Hub Proposal Sample/Template for Independent Consultants (Download Now)

Updated: Jan 22

So, how do you write a proposal for a consulting assignment in the social impact and international development space?

Every proposal is different and must be tailored to the specific needs of the assignment.

However, some of our IC-Hubbers have asked us to share sample proposals, so I'm sharing one that won me an interview last year for a research-focused individual consultancy with a United Nations organisation (I ended up declining the consultancy later on).

I've scrubbed lots of information from the proposal that might link it back to any individuals or organisations involved. But, hopefully, it'll give you an idea of how to write a proposal.

I'm also not saying it's the perfect proposal. In fact, I wrote this under time pressure and re-hashed a lot from previous proposals. But, ultimately, it communicated clearly that I understood the assignment, had an idea of how to do it, and that I had the right expertise and experience.

In short, my proposals normally comprise the following:

- Cover letter (introducing oneself and the proposal)

- Technical offer (the methodology that explains one's understanding of the client's need and how to address it)

- Financial offer (proposed budget)

- CV (or team bios if proposing a team of consultants)

You may also wish to include case studies of similar projects you've completed in the past, or past client testimonials.

Anyway, we hope you find it useful and feel free to share with others or get in touch!



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