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IC-Hub Skills Exchange: How to build a "following" for your consulting practice (16/04/21)

What are IC-Hub Skills Exchanges?

Welcome to our first "IC-Hub Skills Exchange". These are informal Zoom meet-ups that give you the chance to learn consulting "good practices" from your fellow IC-Hubbers.

When is the next one and what is it about?

Friday, 16 April at 12:00 (UK time).

This Friday's Skills Exchange is all about how to build a "following". A critical part of succeeding as an independent development professional is that ability to cultivate an audience (that includes potential clients) and then demonstrate your value (authority and expertise) to them.

We'll be sharing our experiences on this and asking you to share yours!

How to join?

IC-Hubbers will receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting the morning of the meeting. And if you haven't yet joined the fastest-growing global community of independent development professionals, why the heck not?



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