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IC-Hub Workshop (beta): Consulting Levelling Up Strategies

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Update (January 2022): Please note that the live workshop has passed. The IC-Hub Levelling-up Accelerator Workshop is now available as a self-guided workshop.

Are you ready to level up your social impact consulting practice?

Delighted to announce our first-ever workshop for independent international development and social impact consultants!

Topic: Consulting levelling up strategies - branding, content creation, outsourcing, advisory roles

When: Wednesday, 27 October 2021 at 16:00-17:30 London (17:00 Brussels / 11:00 New York / 20:30 Delhi)

Where: Online (dial-in details to be shared with registrants)

Price: 29 euros (19 euros for IC-Hubbers)

As independent social solopreneurs, our career path is not as linear as it can be for employees. We have to chart our own course.

In other words, we can take control over our own impact and career (and life) trajectory.

IC-Hubbers have told us that growing their consulting practice in a strategic and sustainable way is a key challenge.

We completely agree. Starting our own consulting practices required a leap of faith, but ultimately, the set-up and first clients were a small hurdle compared to growing a network of clients, positioning ourselves as experts, and finding our niche.

Many independent consultants, us included, have experienced plateaus after several years of independent consulting life, and needed innovative approaches to push us ahead and level up.

If this sounds familiar, then this workshop is for you. CLICK HERE TO SECURE YOUR SPOT (IC-HUBBERS RECEIVE A DISCOUNT).

About the workshop

Topic: Consulting levelling up strategies - branding, content creation, outsourcing, advisory roles


In the two-hour session, we'll share the strategies, tools and resources that can enable you to get more and better clients, deliver more impact for your field, and position yourself as an expert. We will help you decide which strategies are best suited to you and outline clear next steps for how you can implement them. This is also our chance to learn from experienced IC-Hubbers about what approaches have worked for them.


  • Overview: Why this workshop. Who is it for. Learning objectives.

  • Defining consulting “plateau” challenges and what "levelling up means".

  • The approach: What an advanced independent consulting practice looks like. How to position yourself as the “go-to expert” in your field.

  • Levelling up strategies: Explanation of strategies (including personal branding, content creation, outsourcing, and advisory roles) and implementation plans. Group discussion and peer-to-peer brainstorming.

  • Q&A

Who it's for

Independent social impact professionals with several years' work and consulting experience who want to grow their consulting practice and deliver more impact for their clients. This is not for new and potential consultants.

Format and recording

This workshop is a live premium online event. A premium recording (at a higher price) will be available later.




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