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[SKILLS EXCHANGE / 7 May] Client relationships: riding the roller coaster

Announcing the next IC-Hub skills exchange live meet-up event! It's on Friday 7 May at 2 pm (London) // 3 pm (Brussels) // 9 am (New York). It's for IC-Hubbers, but non-members are welcome to join us via the form below to access the link on the new members welcome page.

After positive feedback about our new format, we’ve decided to keep it! IC-Hub Skills Exchanges encourage exchange of independent consulting skills amongst our IC-Hubbers, with a facilitator who share their experience, ask questions, and moderate the discussion.

This time, we’re thrilled to have a new host, Jennifer Ruthe - Freelance Charity Copywriter.

One of the most important aspects of being an independent social impact professional is how you manage your clients. While for the most part, you’re on the same team, but every once in a while, you will have some difficult questions. Perhaps you have different opinions on how the project should be done or maybe they didn’t pay on time. How can you maintain a positive relationship while standing your ground? It's a bit different from managing relationships with colleagues.

What will we discuss at the skills exchange?

Jen will lead a discussion about the ups and downs of client relationships, including:

  • Setting the foundation for successful client relationships

  • Managing expectations

  • Pushing back on fees and contracts

  • Disaster management

  • Lessons learned & best practices

Join the conversation on Friday 7 May at 2 pm (London) // 3 pm (Brussels) // 9 am (New York)!

About Jen

Senior professional turned charity copywriter and fundraising specialist, Jen began her journey as a trust fundraiser. As the years progressed, she broadened her experience and has worked on areas of community, individual and corporate giving. She went freelance almost two years ago when she moved to Brussels with her husband (and cat). She loves her job and is always happy to share her skills and experience with others. Learn more about Jen on her website, Written by Jen, or connect with her on Twitter (@Written_Jen).

Registration details

IC-Hubbers will have received their invitation. If you're not in the IC-Hub yet, why not join via the form below and receive instant access to the Skills Exchange and our other free consulting resources and networking platforms.



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