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[SKILLS EXCHANGE / 24 June] Strategic communications for independent consultants

Announcing the next IC-Hub Skills Exchange live meet-up event! It's on Thursday, 24 June at 4pm (London) // 8am (San Francisco) // 5pm (Paris) // 8:30pm (Delhi). It's for IC-Hubbers, but non-members are welcome to join us via the form below to access the link on the new members' welcome page.

IC-Hub Skills Exchanges encourage the exchange of independent consulting skills, with a facilitator who shares their experience, asks questions, and moderates the discussion.

This Skills Exchange is led by Dietlind Lerner, an independent Strategic Communications and Advocacy expert who has worked with the World Bank, the Tides Foundation, Greenpeace International, Avaaz and several other mission-driven organisations.

What will we discuss at the skills exchange?

Dietlind will lead a discussion about how independent social impact professionals can use strategic communications (strategic comms) to improve our consulting practices. In particular, we’ll touch on the following:

  • How does strategic comms differ from traditional communications?

  • Two case studies of how strategic comms played a key role in winning campaigns.

  • How to employ strategic comms to amplify the impact of everything you do (for your clients and for yourselves).

Who should attend?

This Skill Exchange is for anyone consulting with mission-driven organizations (including fundraisers, campaigners, researchers, interns, lawyers … ).

About Dietlind

Dietlind is Berkeley-based strategic communication and advocacy expert with significant international experience. She specialises in organisational strengthening and effectiveness through strategic communications.

Dietlind works with NGOs, foundations, multilateral organisations, and other mission-driven initiatives, helping them to improve their internal communications while developing strategic campaigns that sway external target audiences and lead to significant, effective, and sustainable change.

Connect with Dietlind on LinkedIn and view her website here.

Registration details

Join us on Thursday, 24 June at 4pm (London) // 8am (San Francisco) // 5pm (Paris) // 8:30pm (Delhi)!

IC-Hubbers will have received their invitation. If you're not in the IC-Hub yet, why not join via the form below? You will receive instant access to the Skills Exchange and our other free consulting resources and networking platforms.


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