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What is the Impact Consulting Hub and how can it help your freelance impact consulting career?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Last Sunday on 29 November, we were delighted to introduce everyone to the IC-Hub.

We were inspired by the number of people who have shown interest and already joined our community. However, we also know that many of couldn't make it, so here are the key points.

What we covered

  • Who we are and our freelancing stories (and why we thought about starting this)

  • Our understanding of your needs as potential or current impact consultants

  • How the Impact Consulting Hub aims to help you and how you can engage

  • Get to know you more and address any questions or suggestions you may have

Who we are - Molly

  • Just over one year as a full-time independent consultant

  • Fundraising and partnership development expert (“skills-based expert”)

  • Works with a wide range of NGOs across a variety of thematic areas

  • In the “growth” and “delivery” phases

Who we are - Loksan

  • Independent consultant for 7 years

  • Migration specialist (“thematic expert”)

  • Predominantly working with international organisations (UN) & governments; and a bit with NGOs

  • Project experience mainly in Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific

  • Started young - aged 24

  • Currently in the “levelling up” stage

Our understanding of your needs

  • Support at "5 levels" of impact consulting:

  • "Reflection" (understanding what it's like being a freelance impact consultant and whether it is right for you)

  • "Startup" (understanding how to get started, developing a business plan and doing the boring administrative stuff)

  • "Growth" (understanding how to find clients and grow your portfolio)

  • "Delivery" (how to understand client needs and deliver consulting projects)

  • "Levelling up" (how to scale up a freelance consulting practice and position yourself as an expert)

How the Impact Consulting Hub aims to help you and how you can engage

  • Providing content: articles, podcast, guidelines, templates, tips, live webinars

  • Networking opportunities: meetups and discussion platform


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