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IC-Hub productivity masterclass: How to 10x your consulting productivity, earn more, and work less

Do you constantly feel busy? Do you find yourself constantly trying to play catch-up on missed deadlines, despite working long hours? 


As independent social impact professionals, we’re in a unique position of generally having greater control over our schedules (and lives!). We’ll explain how we went from working 50 hours per week to 30 hours per week, while also taking 6-8 weeks of holiday every year. Oh, and without sacrificing consulting revenues either. 


Loksan and Molly will: 

  • Provide a practical framework for increasing productivity, allowing you to take on more consulting projects, or to work fewer hours and spend more time with family and friends (hobbies, side hustles, etc.). 

  • Talk through the “golden rules” of productivity, including 80/20 analysis, batching, and outsourcing. 

  • Share practical strategies and consulting “hacks” for how you can increase your productivity and achieve a greater work-life balance. 


Click here to sign up for the waiting list. We’ll notify you when the workshop is available and you’ll receive 50% off.

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