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#14: What are your biggest concerns about going freelance?

Hello IC-Hubbers and welcome to another episode of the Impact Consulting Podcast, with us, Loksan and Molly.

We've got a special episode today where we go over your and our biggest concerns about becoming freelance consultants in the social impact and international development spaces.

We talk about our journeys and how we addressed the concerns that we had, as well as discussing other common concerns, including those expressed by IC-Hubbers via the Facebook, Google, and Instagram channels.

Top freelancing concerns

  • Those around us being risk-averse and advising us to go for stable jobs

  • Losing prestige and not having a job title

  • Insecurity, anxieties and self-doubt about own expertise or experience ("imposter syndrome") and selling oneself as "an expert"

  • Making enough money

  • Lack of clear marketable consultancy skillset

  • Unstructured living and working alone

  • Feeling uncomfortable (or "skeezy" in Molly's American English!) about approaching people or potential clients to "sell services”

  • Discussing consulting fees

We hope you find it useful to hear about how we've gone through these issues and how we've tried to address them!

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