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#33: Scio’s story: Combining freelancing flexibility with global collaboration

Updated: May 14

Hello, and welcome. I’m your host, Loksan Harley from the Impact Consulting Hub, and today I interview Filippo Brasesco, the Co-Founder of Scio Network, an Advisory Hub and Solutions Lab for International Development Cooperation that works largely through its global network of independent professionals.

About Filippo

Filippo is an entrepreneur and senior consultant with 15+ years of experience in international development cooperation. He is Partner (Co-Founder) and currently Managing Director at Scio Network, an advisory hub and solutions lab for international development cooperation. Since 2019, he is working as Senior Expert at Scio Network on development projects related to agriculture and food systems development. He is a member of an angel investor syndicate investing in early stage (post-MVP) startups in Eastern Europe.

Also, he is a Mentor/Coach for startups and has supported over a dozen companies from Africa and Asia to reach investment readiness. Finally, he is passionate about agro-tech and is currently engaged with vertical farming as well as use-cases on the utilization of blockchain technology for traceability in agricultural value chains.

What we talk about

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Filippo’s own journey building Scio into a global consulting firm that combines the flexible expertise of independent consultants with the advantages of having a core in-house team.

  • Scio’s business model and clients.

  • Filippo’s experience as an independent consultant.

  • What Scio looks for in its network members.

Interested in joining Scio?

If you’re interested in joining Scio, we recommend checking out their website

If you’re interested in launching or levelling-up your impact consulting journey, you can also find a whole host of resources at

Without further ado, thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the show.




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