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#32: Going self-employed while relocating countries

Updated: May 13

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Impact Consulting Podcast with me your host, Loksan Harley.


We're delighted to welcome Simone Anzböck to the show to share with us her impact consulting story.

About Simone

Simone coaches international professionals who navigate the trade-offs in pursuing a non-linear life and career in a cross-cultural context. Her gift is to help others trust and follow their convictions to navigate uncertainty. She coaches individuals to find clarity, professional alignment, and purpose via bespoke 1:1 coaching and corporate training. 

Simone has lived and worked in 15+ countries, including Myanmar, during the military coup. Before becoming a coach, she worked for a Fortune 500 company, leading social impact projects valued up to US$25m. Simone holds an MBA and is a qualified, accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation. To date, she has coached individuals from 25+ nationalities. You'll find her learning Spanish, writing stories, or walking the British countryside in her free time. 

What we talk about

In our wide-ranging conversation, Simone and I talk about both the ups and downs of her impact consulting journey, including how she launched her consulting business while navigating her move to Myanmar, how she experienced and dealt with mental health challenges, and how her experiences led her to pivot to coaching other international development professionals.

I appreciated Simone for coming onto the show to speak so candidly about some of the real challenges that we face when navigating big life changes, and there are fewer more disruptive changes than moving country and starting a consulting business.

This aligns with what we're all about at the IC-Hub, which is not only helping people grasp the incredible opportunities that independent consulting in the social impact space offers, but also discussing the very real challenges that we have to deal with, and how to navigate them. And if you need some coaching yourself, you can get in touch with Simone directly (see below).

Want to learn more about Simone's coaching?

Simone offers free 45-minute coaching discovery sessions. During your discovery session, you'll talk about your biggest challenge, what overcoming this might look like, and whether Simone's coaching is a good fit for you. Connect with Simone on LinkedIn to book a call or follow her work.



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