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#31: Establishing a comprehensive capacity-building consulting firm - Cyndi's journey

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Hello, and welcome to a new episode of the Impact Consulting Podcast! Today, we're delighted to present Cyndi Mayer, a passionate consultant who supports nonprofits and social enterprises to strategically accelerate social impact, grantsmanship, and capacity building. Cyndi shares the story of her consulting journey, including the challenges, wins, and advice for other consultants.

Introducing Cyndi

Cyndi Mayer is what she calls a 'covid consultant' in that she started her consulting business at the start of the pandemic - though not necessarily intentionally. She was in full planning mode in March 2020 when the lockdown came, which gave her plenty of time to plan. Cyndi has worked in the nonprofit industry for over 20 years as a grant writer and development professional. She is the founder, president & CEO of U.S.-based C.A. Mayer Consulting. The consulting firm helps build comprehensive social impact capacity by providing grant writing & research, funding strategy development, and training to prepare clients to navigate and deploy competitive funding proposals, including the development of cost structures, data collection and internal reporting structures, project/program evaluations, client surveys, etc. She is located in Northern New Jersey, about an hour west of New York City.

C.A. Mayer Consulting supports nonprofits, social enterprises, and post-secondary institutions to strategically accelerate social impact, grantsmanship, and capacity building, primarily in the U.S. Cyndi holds a B.A. in Mass Communication from Wright State University and a Master of Public Administration from Seton Hall University. She is an adjunct professor at the County College of Morris, where she teaches the Fundamentals of Public Speaking. County College of Morris is a local community college. She is a proud member of the Grant Professionals Association, is on the Board of Directors for the Auxiliary Services for High Schools Legacy Foundation, and is an accomplished public speaker.

Cyndi is passionate about building social impact, higher education, and animals. She is a wife, a mother of five, a grandmother to two-year-old Elias (who she affectionately calls Sweet Pea), and a proud mother of a four-legged dog named Autumn. She enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and spending time with Eli in her downtime.

What we talk about

  • The advantages and disadvantages of working with different types of clients

  • How to establish criteria for choosing the right clients to work with (and how/why to turn away clients)

  • How to go beyond being solely a contractor or service provider to work collaboratively with clients

  • And much more!




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