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#22: Joumana's journey: Consulting and outsourcing, EU expert positions, and more

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Hello and welcome to the Impact Consulting Podcast - a podcast that helps people launch and accelerate their independent consulting businesses in the international development and social impact fields.

Today, Joumana Brihi shares her remark-able (pun intended) impact consulting journey (you'll get that pun in a moment).

About Joumana

Joumana has 18 years of experience in strategic communications and market research. She is also the founder of Remark, a network of consultants and experts providing market intelligence, labour market and economic studies, and strategic communication services to public and private sector clients.

As a strategic communication expert, she develops external and internal communication strategies that support creating awareness about organisations, initiatives or projects; repositioning them or launching new ones.

Based in Beirut, Joumana is currently the Team Leader and Strategic Communication Expert for the European Commission’s regional communication programme: EU Neighbours South, in which she leads and manages a multidisciplinary international team to provide targeted strategic advice to EU Delegations.

What we talk about

Incredibly, Joumana has worked as an independent professional across her entire career and has done a fantastic job to grow and develop - professionally and personally - on her own terms. In our conversation, Joumana tells us:

  • How she got started as an independent social impact professional.

  • How she transitioned from independent consulting part-time alongside her full-time job, to quitting her job to go full-time independent.

  • How she levelled up her consulting by growing a network of consultants and outsourcing work.

  • How she got her current EU consultancy Team Leader position.

  • What she loves about independent consulting.

  • What advice she would give to herself at the beginning of her career (spoiler alert, it's about fees!).

We'd like to thank Joumana for coming on the show and thank you for tuning in.

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