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#25: How to build a successful independent M&E consulting practice - with Ann-Murray Brown

Hello and welcome to the Impact Consulting Podcast.

Today, we've got a good friend of the IC-Hub, Ann-Murray Brown, on the show to share with us how she became the go-to Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) consultant.

About Ann-Murray

Many of you will know (of) Ann already, but in case you don't, she is a proud ‘island girl’ who hails from the country of the world’s fastest sprinters - Jamaica.

Now based in the Netherlands, she is a seasoned M&E expert with nearly two decades of professional experience and is the holder of multiple advanced degrees from the University of the West Indies and Ewha Womans University.

Ann has been involved in consultancies funded and implemented by international organisations such as the United Nations and the European Commission. Her sectorial interests are Gender Equality, Poverty Reduction, Migration, Social Protection, Child Protection, Human Rights and Justice Reform.

Alongside her consultancy work, Ann has also created a suite of high-value products to help people learn about M&E, which you can find on her website

Adventures in M&E and building a 20k following

In today's interview, we start by talking through Ann's own impact consulting journey, which is truly an inspiring one about how a major life challenge forced her to develop her consulting business from the ground up.

We then talk about how Ann developed an incredible social media following (20k LinkedIn followers) by providing value to others. And we also touch on Ann's tips for how non-M&E consultants can develop M&E skills and build an M&E service offering from scratch.

We close with some of Ann's thoughts on how experienced M&E consultants can break through common plateaus, which really resonates with what we talk about at the IC-Hub Level-Up Accelerator Workshop.

We'd like to thank Ann for coming on the show and thank you for listening. And if you're interested in learning what it takes to build your own independent consulting business in the social impact or international development spaces, then head on over to to find a tonne of free resources.

Without further ado, please do enjoy the show.

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