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#5: Sophie’s journey: Generating consultancy work through writing & being firm but fair with clients

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Hello, and you’re listening to another episode of the Impact Consulting Podcast with me your host, Loksan Harley. Today I’m joined by Sophie Zinser to share her freelance consulting journey.

Sophie Zinser is a policy analyst and consultant focusing on forced labour and China's role in the Middle East, South and Central Asia. She has worked with refugees and migrants on developing community-focused policy solutions for five years across the Middle East and Asia. A 2018 Fulbright Research Fellow, 2020 Schwarzman Scholar in Beijing, and incoming Chatham House Fellow in London, Sophie is currently consulting in Hong Kong.

I had a great chat with Sophie whose experience gives us some particularly useful lessons learned for how young professionals can get started in consulting.

We talk about:

  • How Sophie combines her research background with her in-field life experiences and linguistic skills to maintain both a geographic specialism in China-Middle East relations and a thematic specialism in migration and forced labour.

  • How she uses writing (especially opinion editorials) to build her profile and generate business.

  • Sophie's networking tips and how she and I connected by LinkedIn, which is a curious story and ideal example of how freelancers should network.

If you’ve enjoyed listening to Sophie and feel inspired to learn more about freelancing, feel free to join us here at the IC-Hub, where we offer free advice and a community of mutual support and networking to future, new and existing freelance consultants in the social impact and international development spaces.

Without further ado, thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the show.

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