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How to launch an independent international development/social impact consultant (free minicourse)

If you're not yet a freelancer, or don't know what an independent international development/social impact consultant or freelancer is, then check out this post.

Are you in the process of launching as an independent consultant in the international development or social impact space? ​

Do you want to know the steps to take to ensure as smooth (as possible!) take-off? ​

Have life circumstances propelled you into a situation where consulting is the only option for you to continue working in your field?

Are you good at your social impact job but don't have experience in the "business end" of being a consultant? ​

We're here to help. But first, congratulations! It takes courage to "go independent". Many think about doing it but few achieve it. You've taken one of the hardest steps already. ​

You know, one of the reasons why we founded the IC-Hub is because over our combined decade of experience as independent professionals in the international development and social impact spaces (more about us here), people (most often our clients!) are always asking us questions like, "How do I launch as a consultant?", "Isn't it hard to get clients?", "How do you manage a consulting project/client?", "What are the legal requirements of being a freelancer?", "How much will it cost to start my business?", etc. etc. etc....

So here's us trying to answer these questions all at once!

Now, we want to impart on you that you're running a business (you're a start-up founder, or social impact solopreneur). That may be hard to hear because we know you're probably more passionate about social impact than business.

But in order to make your impact as an independent, you're going to have to start thinking like a business. Hopefully, we'll guide you towards being comfortable thinking in those terms. ​

We also understand you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. That's normal. We've been exactly where you are now, so we know the steps that you need to take to make the process more effective and manageable. ​ All good things start with a plan so that you can break down the overwhelm into a more manageable set of actionable steps.

That's why we've created our Free Start-up Email Mini-course. In this mini-course, we share with you five emails that will tell you what you need to know to launch your impact consulting journey. It'll help you:

  • Define your positioning as a consultant.

  • De-risk the start-up process by charting your start-up "runway".

  • Walk you through the legal aspects of starting a business.

  • Learn to get consulting clients.

Then we'll give you some next steps in case you want to explore this path further.

In addition to that, you'll get instant access to all our member resources and community of 650 professionals (all doing or interested in independent consulting!).

Ready to dive in? Complete this form and we'll be in touch.



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