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Is independent consulting right for you? (free email mini-course)

Are you currently working for an organisation in the international development or social impact space but curious about different ways to make an impact? ​

Do you desire more lifestyle and professional freedom? ​

Do you want more control over how much you're paid, how much time you work, and where you work from?

Are you passionate about your line of work, but think you might prefer to make an impact working with MULTIPLE organisations and not doing the 9-5 with one employee (with one boss)?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be able to have your impact as an independent professional/consultant/freelancer in your field. And we're here to help!

First of all, definitions. An independent social impact professional/consultant/freelancer is someone who works in the international development or social impact spaces (normally for non-profits, philanthropic organisations, multi-lateral organisations (like United Nations agencies), social enterprises, or governmental organisations - providing services as a self-employed person.

You know, one of the reasons why we founded the IC-Hub is because over our combined decade of experience as independent professionals in the international development and social impact space (more about us here), people (most often our clients!) are always asking us questions like, "What's it like being a consultant?", "Isn't it hard to get clients?", "Do you enjoy the flexibility?", "Can you make a good living as a freelancer?", etc. etc. etc....

So since September 2020, we've been not only helping to launch and accelerate the independent consulting careers of our now 650 members, but also trying to guide those who are not yet independent social impact professionals towards understanding whether or not this track is right for them.

Now, independent consulting is fraught with both risk and opportunity. And freelancing or self-employment in this space, while an AMAZING way to take control of your lifestyle, impact, income, and so on, is not right for everyone.

That's why we've created our 100% free "Reflection" Email Mini-course for not-yet-consultants who are interested in learning more about the exciting track of self-employment and freelancing in the international development and social impact fields.

If you enrol in this week-long course (for free), we'll email you five times to share a range of insights, resources and tools to teach you:

  • What consulting is.

  • How to get into it.

  • What it's like (including how much you can earn!).

Then we'll give you some next steps in case you want to explore this path further.

In addition to that, you'll get instant access to all our member resources and community of 650 professionals (all doing or interested in independent consulting!).

Ready to dive in? Complete this form and we'll be in touch.



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