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[SKILLS EXCHANGE / 19 May] Personal branding for independent social impact professionals

Updated: May 18, 2021

Announcing the next IC-Hub skills exchange live meet-up event! It's on Wednesday, 19 May at 4pm (London) // 5pm (Brussels) // 6pm (Vilnius) // 8:30pm (Delhi). It's for IC-Hubbers, but non-members are welcome to join us via the form below to access the link on the new members' welcome page.

IC-Hub Skills Exchanges encourage the exchange of independent consulting skills, with a facilitator who shares their experience, asks questions, and moderates the discussion.

This time, we’re thrilled to have Gabriella Mikiewicz, an independent development communications specialist and Founder of The Channels Network, with us to share some brilliant tips on personal branding.

What will we discuss at the skills exchange?

Gabriella will lead a discussion about how independent development professionals can build their personal brand:

  • Why do independent consultants need a personal brand?

  • What is the message you want to share with your audiences?

  • Where do you draw inspiration from?

  • How do you pick your visual identity?

Whether you’re just starting out and have no idea if or why you even need a personal brand, or if you’re a seasoned freelancer/consultant who has benefited from their personal brand for years now, this Skills Exchange is for everyone!

Are you ready to establish a presence in the sector by developing your very own personal brand? Gabriella will share her secrets with IC-Hubbers in a worksheet designed specifically for freelancers in the social impact space. We’ll share it during the event, so don’t miss it!

About Gabriella

Gabriella Mikiewicz is a communications consultant with a focus on migration and intercultural contexts. She has worked with various communications projects related to social impact in various intercultural contexts, working on everything from graphic design, social media management, video editing, website design, and strategy development. In her work, Gabriella focuses on how to clearly communicate complex issues, such as the nuances of migration, to a diversity of audiences, and she understands the importance of visual communication and design. Connect with Gabriella on LinkedIn and view her online portfolio here.

Registration details

Join the conversation Wednesday, 19 May at 4pm (London) // 5pm (Brussels) // 6pm (Vilnius) // 8:30pm (Delhi)!

IC-Hubbers will have received their invitation. If you're not in the IC-Hub yet, why not join via the form below? You will receive instant access to the Skills Exchange and our other free consulting resources and networking platforms.



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