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[SKILLS EXCHANGE / 21 July] Defining your mission and vision as a social impact professional

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Announcing the next IC-Hub Skills Exchange live meet-up event! It's on Wednesday, 21 July at 5pm (London) // 4pm (Dakar) // 12pm (Toronto). The event is for IC-Hubbers, but non-members are welcome to join us via the form below to access the link on the new members' welcome page.

IC-Hub Skills Exchanges encourage the exchange of independent consulting skills, with a facilitator who shares their experience, asks questions, and moderates the discussion.

This Skills Exchange live meet up is led by Martin Vera, an entrepreneur and executive coach.

What will we discuss at the skills exchange?

Do independent social impact professionals need a mission and vision? Martin believes YES, we do. Missions and visions help guide our daily decisions and ensure that your consulting practice aligns with your values and goals. He will lead a discussion about the importance of having a mission and vision, how we can define them for ourselves, and integrate these high-level, theoretical concepts into your daily work and personal life. In particular, we’ll touch on the following:

  • Distinguishing between vision and mission

  • Asking “What for?”

  • The building blocks to creating a resonant future

  • Dreaming big

Who should attend?

Regardless of what stage you're at in your career, Martin’s session can help you define your strategy, set goals, and find meaning. This skills exchange session has applications beyond consulting -- all are welcome!

About Martin

Martin Vera is a leadership coach at INSEAD, founder of Prismatic Paths - a leadership coaching company, founder and host of The Buzzing Room Coaching Program and of The Deep-Root Podcast, and the country head of a global luxury packaging business. He is a CPCC and ICF accredited coach and is certified in assessment tools such as iEQ9 Enneagram and the Barrett Values. Martin holds a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and an MBA from INSEAD Business School. He is Canadian and currently based in London.

Connect with Martin on LinkedIn and check out his website.

Registration details

Join us on Wednesday, 21 July at 5pm (London) // 4pm (Dakar) // 12pm (Toronto)!

IC-Hubbers will have received their invitation. If you're not in the IC-Hub yet, why not join via the form below? You will receive instant access to the Skills Exchange and our other free consulting resources and networking platforms.

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