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Ultimate Compilation of Business Development Strategies (free download)

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

So, you want more clients? Join the club! We're sharing our strategies for building a diversified client base that will transform from a project-taker to the go-to expert in your field!

Getting clients is the number one challenge cited by many (especially new) independent consultants in the international development and social impact space.

Indeed, you might be good at your craft but inexperienced in the "business end" of running a social impact-driven consulting business, which is, as the name suggests, a business!

Fortunately, there are strategies for getting clients that work.

Introducing the Ultimate Compilation of Business Development Strategies For Independent Social Impact Professionals.

About the Compilation

This is an overview of 27 strategies that we and other IC-Hubbers use to get consulting clients.

The Compilation explains what each strategy entails and how other independent social impact professionals have used them to grow their impact-driven consulting businesses.

Content and strategies

The 25-page Compilation contains the following chapters and strategies.

Chapter 1: Introduction and how to use this document

Chapter 2: The IC-Hub Business Development Framework

Chapter 3: The strategies

1. Apply for publicly-listed consultancy postings

2. Join the rosters of large development consulting firms that Join the rosters of firms that bid for large development donor contracts

3. Connect with consulting firms who can subcontract work to you

4. Tell your own network you’re open for business

5. Stay in touch with key people

6. Cultivate a mailing list

7. Attend in-person events

8. Speak at events

9. Create a website

10. Create a consultancy brand name

11. Add people on LinkedIn

12. Contact people directly on LinkedIn

13. Develop a map of potential clients or projects

14. Write a blog

15. Write opinion editorials

16. Create and share infographics and tools

17. Publish research in academic journals

18. Guest lecture at universities

19. Host a podcast

20. Create a YouTube channel

21. Use search engine optimisation and social media advertising

22. Make your last employer your first client

23. Get to know other consultants in your field

24. Work with or for other consultants

25. Find work on a job platform

26. Showcase client testimonials

27. Provide an incentive for clients to refer you

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