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#26: Adriana's journey - From human rights lawyer to solopreneur

Hello and welcome to the Impact Consulting Podcast, this time with Molly!

In this episode, I sit down with Adriana Leigh Greenblatt, who started her career as a human rights lawyer and has since leveraged her experience to create her own consulting firm that addresses sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.

About Adriana:

Adriana Leigh is a self-described "recovering lawyer.” Passionate about gender equality, she is now a global gender consultant, facilitator and trainer, writer and speaker committed to building safer, gender-equitable, caring, and inclusive workplaces and organizations, free of sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

Adriana brings a much-needed human and heart-centred, rather than a merely compliance-centred approach to these issues, combined with her legal and subject matter expertise and background in human rights education.

Adriana delivers global workshops, sexual harassment and violence policy and reporting processes development, implementation coaching to managers and thought leadership.

Her work has been showcased by Charity Village, Medium, UN Women, Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Mtavari Channel and World Pulse, among others.

What we talk about:

  • Adriana's pathway to becoming a solopreneur and how she was inspired by her family’s entrepreneurial history to build her own consulting practice.

  • How she builds lasting relationships with existing clients to ensure sustainable impact and bring in more projects.

  • Advice for negotiating rates with clients.

  • What she loves about being an independent solopreneur and her biggest challenges.

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