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#4: Jen's journey as a charity copywriter - wearing the many hats of a freelancer

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Hi, this is Molly. Last year, I attended a Bond conference in London and sat down at a random table. You never know who you're going to meet at these conferences, but this time, I won the jackpot. I found myself chatting with Jennifer Ruthe, who has an impressive track record helping social impact organisations present their stories to gain support, inspire action, and get funding.

Since that fateful conference, we've kept in touch, sharing experiences about freelancing and the social impact sector. We even launched a series of articles to help social impact organisations raise funds, Step change: a roadmap for new fundraisers. Jen has a remarkable way with words, and I'm continually impressed with her flair for communicating in a fun, digestible way.

For my first-ever episode as an interviewer on the Impact Consulting Podcast, I'm speaking with Jen, a senior professional turned charity copywriter and fundraising specialist. Jen began her career as a trust fundraiser. As the years progressed, she broadened her experience and worked on community, individual and corporate giving. She went freelance just over a year ago when she moved to Brussels with her husband (and cat). She loves her job and is always happy to share her skills and experience with others.

In this podcast, we cover Jen's journey, her reasons for making the switch to freelancing, and the pros and cons. She openly and honestly addresses the self-doubt that nags at many of us and shares some tips about reframing your mindset to tackle insecurities to make the most of your freelancing career.

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