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IC-Hub Spotlight: Jen Ruthe, Freelance Writer

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Meet a superstar IC-Hub member, Jennifer Ruthe!

About Jen Ruthe, Freelance Writer

Jen is a senior #fundraising and #communications professional turned #freelance writer. Starting out in programme funding, as her career grew so did the breadth of her experience. Individual giving, corporate, major donor – she has done it all!

The one common thread? Writing. It’s what Jennifer loves and what she is best at. That’s why she helps charities, non-profits and socially-minded businesses find and share their stories. Because the words you write matter. In more ways than you think.

We've already learned a lot from having Jen in our IC-Hub Level-up Accelerator group for advanced professionals and we highly recommend you check out her incredible portfolio of work.

And a fun fact about Jennifer

Jen is a self-declared crazy cat lady and proud cat-mum to Lionel. He's a dude.

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