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IC-Hub Spotlight: Silke Bollmohr, Environmental Scientist/ Risk Assessor/ Communicator

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Meet exceptional IC-Hubber, Silke Bollmohr!

We're delighted to spotlight Silke as part of our ongoing IC-Hub Spotlight series, as she's been doing some incredible work in relation to the impact of chemicals on environmental and human health, and we're delighted to have her within our IC-Hub community.

About Silke Bollmohr, environmental scientist/ risk assessor/ communicator

For the past 25 years, Silke has been working across Africa and Europe to address the impact of chemicals on environmental and human health.

She supports advocacy work on using less highly hazardous pesticides in various African countries, collecting and sharing knowledge on alternatives to promote more regenerative agricultural techniques.

As a permaculture designer, Silke is not only able to support Environmental Impact Studies but also designs more regenerative livelihoods.

A fun fact about Silke

Silke loves connecting to nature when she is out on field assessments as well as practising yoga whenever she gets the chance.

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