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Ask us! Introducing the IC-Hub Phone-In

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

We all have questions about freelancing. Help the community and get answers by asking yours!

Freelance consulting in the international development and social impact spaces can be isolating at times. At all stages of our freelancing journeys, we've turned to mentors and friends to get answers to both the big and small questions of everyday consulting life. Questions like these which have come up on the IC-Hub:

"My client has not paid me, what do I do? I don't want to appear too pushy."

"How much should I charge?"

"I've been working as an NGO director for several years and want to transition into freelancing. What steps should I take?"

"I've been freelancing for a year or so and I'm struggling to get clients. Do you have any tips?"

Introducing the IC-Hub Phone-In

So we're hereby starting the IC-Hub Phone-In! You - yes, you! - can record your question here and we'll play it and answer it on the Impact Consulting Podcast. We'll only mention your first name and we'll contact you if your question is featured.

There is no deadline for asking questions. Whenever you have one, just hit "record"!



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