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#2: Molly's journey as a freelance fundraising specialist - "not a natural freelancer"

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Impact Consulting Podcast, a podcast where we share stories and advice about how to make it as a freelance consultant in the social impact and international development space.

Today I was delighted to interview Molly Morrison about her journey as a freelance fundraising and partnership specialist.

So a bit about Molly. Many of you already know her as co-founder of the Impact Consulting Hub, but most of her days are spent as an independent consultant specialised in fundraising, project development, donor relations, and delivering capacity-building for field staff.

With over eight years of experience in the international development sector across Africa, Asia, and Europe, she’s gained an in-depth understanding of the funding ecosystem and she is passionate about connecting resources to create impact.

As you’ll hear, she works with social impact organisations of every size and at every level of maturity, from large international NGOs to small grassroots organisations. Her services help organisations navigate donor requirements, position themselves in a competitive market, and build partnerships that ensure resources are utilised to drive meaningful change.

After freelancing on-and-off, including as a side hustle, for several years, Molly started freelancing full time in September last year. I’ve been extremely impressed to see her consulting career blossom and in this episode, Molly takes us on that journey. She talks candidly about some of the challenges she faced, particularly as someone who isn’t the natural networker or salesperson, and walks us through how she overcame those challenges and got her first clients.

There’s a lot to get through, so without further ado, we hope you enjoy the interview!

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