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#12: Are YOU a consultant?

Consultant, freelancer, facilitator, small business owner, contractor - all these terms carry different meanings. How do your fellow ICHubbers define themselves?

In the previous episode of the Impact Consulting Podcast, we took a theoretical approach to define the term 'consultant'. Did you miss it? Check it out here.

It's one thing to know the definition and entirely another to know which term to use in the real world. Why? Well, all of these terms carry different connotations, both positive and negative. For example, telling someone you are a 'freelancer' brings different images to mind than saying you're a 'consultant'. Additionally, the context can greatly influence your choice of label. The international development sector is more familiar with consultants, while social enterprises might be more accustomed to working with freelancers.

With so many different considerations, many ICHubbers have trouble choosing the perfect term to define themselves. In this episode, we explain why we've chosen the terms that we use (spoiler alert, the perfect term doesn't exist and often, the choice of term is context-specific).

We also put the question to ICHubbers! Nancy Beryl Okiri, Barbara Joannon, Jennifer Ruthe, Gabriella Mikiewicz, Luciana Capuano Mascarenhas, and Magdalena Mactas share their insights.

If you've ever struggled to give yourself a label, this is the episode for you!

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